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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Flying on the Ground

  Progress effects us all and it can be seen in the wrinkles on our faces as we age. All of us deal with it in our own way, some go in for minor adjustments, others get the complete restoration, I prefer to just let it all fall down around the structural center. The buildings around our cities go thru the same metamorphisis as the populations grow. Some get torn down, others get re-shaped in increments and some get major renovations. Meacham Airport, the original home of what has morphed into the American Airlines we know today, was one of these icons in need of a facelift. The city fathers saw fit in improving the site as part of the transition to an International airport. AS part of the project Kipp Kobayashi created a folded metal sculpture that hangs in the main foyer of hundreds of what look like paper airplanes. The effect is that of a flock of birds spiraling in for touchdown. A really cool effect.
The New Meacham International Terminal.

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