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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Old style Schooling

  The Ivy League school Yale, came to Fort Worth to play the Texas Christian University mens NCAA Basketball game in Fort Worth,Tx. With a dynamic first half the Horned Frogs took a commanding lead to win the game 92 to 66.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Natural Color Change

  A recent research trip took me in search of country lanes and changing colors in the Northeast of the United States. Though the time was not the best and the year looks to be only mediocre in the intensity category it still amazes me how quickly the vistas can change from day to day.  By the end of a week of scouring hillsides, the colors had shifted from greens and slight browns to a speckled red dotted hillside as I explored with a new found friend named Becken.
Becken point out the best direction to go. 

Colors just starting to appear.
The new found friend is just a bit excited.
Fallen fruit beneath a forgotten apple tree.

Harvested fields and forests with maples.

A mix of colors and conifers preparing for winter.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Flying on the Ground

  Progress effects us all and it can be seen in the wrinkles on our faces as we age. All of us deal with it in our own way, some go in for minor adjustments, others get the complete restoration, I prefer to just let it all fall down around the structural center. The buildings around our cities go thru the same metamorphisis as the populations grow. Some get torn down, others get re-shaped in increments and some get major renovations. Meacham Airport, the original home of what has morphed into the American Airlines we know today, was one of these icons in need of a facelift. The city fathers saw fit in improving the site as part of the transition to an International airport. AS part of the project Kipp Kobayashi created a folded metal sculpture that hangs in the main foyer of hundreds of what look like paper airplanes. The effect is that of a flock of birds spiraling in for touchdown. A really cool effect.
The New Meacham International Terminal.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Really Grand Time

Philip Schreiber meets the hole at House Rock.
  Met up with an old friend who invited me to join seven of his paddling buddies to float down the Colorado River thru the Grand Canyon. Never knowing what to expect even after a number of trips, I could not have asked for a better mix of really adventurous and easy going folks. Not sure if it was the Colorado origins or the somewhat like mind sets, of all the trips, this felt the most like a real team.     The Canyon never ceases to amaze, and with monsoon season starting the water went the full range from crystal clear to chocolate milk and a few shades between. Side canyons flooding and making spectacles of waterfalls, hikes up ancient paths and all in a chasm exposing rock that is more than a billion and a half years old. How is that to make your life seem rather minuscule in comparison.
Taking a break at the Phantom Ranch boar beach. 

The morning sun lights up the entry to our adventure at Lee's  Ferry.

Silver Grotto makes the red canyon walls glow.

The crew takes advantage of the shade in Redwall Cavern.

A campfire of molten wax and coffee cans.

Our version of a Disney Cruise. 

Colors like a rainbow everywhere you looked.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Holding Up a Caddy

Every time I pass Cadillac Ranch on Interstate 40, the bright colors of the upended tail finned Cadillacs  draws me in and gets me to stop for another view. It always delights with a different perspective. More color with additional layers of paint and sometimes the cars are sitting in the dirt,but after a rain they are reflected in a pool of deep blue sky. Always a treat regardless of the time of year and this time they look so heavy from all the additional paint I had to help hold them up. .
Propping a Cadillac with my shadow.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Just a Little Intimidation

  Life revolves around how we carry ourselves and the presence we project to the outside world. The attitude you project and the fear you show is read by all the creatures around you. No different in the animal kingdom. You can not convince me, looking on this scene, that the cat does not know those dogs are there. Knowing full well that they would love nothing more than to chase him all around the yard. Of course that cat also knows there is no jeopardy on his part as long as that door stays closed, and that knowledge is obvious on his body language.
Cat thumbing his nose at the dogs.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Fifteenth Van Cliburn Piano Competition

  With the site of three Steinways lined up on the Bass Performance Hall stage, it all begins again. The contestants in one of the most prestigious piano competitions in the world begin by selecting the piano that they will use in their performances. The options are two pianos made in the Hamburg factory and one constructed in New York. For those in the know the sounds are distinct and those playing can certainly feel the differences. Some of it is personal preference but in a competition like this every little bit counts. Good luck to all of the pianists in the Fifteenth Van Cliburn Piano Competition over the next couple of weeks.
Rachel Cheung tries out the New York Steinway.