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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Splashing for Spring

  The weather has been a bit unseasonably warm as of late which really starts the thought of spring. Today we got a little rain on top of it so now all the plants are really getting prepared. Peering in the garden, the first bolts of color are already making their appearances. A new day and a new dawn is obviously here with a cluster of daffodils shining brightly.
The first blooms are already here.

Blooms in clusters of droplets.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Gator Eat World

  The natural world can move at what seems like a snails pace. Lounging in the sun, absorbing a little of the solar radiation to loosen limbs. Or possibly it is a slow soak in the thick growth of a tranquil pond. In the Big Cypress National Wildlife Refuge, the American Alligators take full advantage of looking like they are even more stoic than your average tree sloth. they do not even blink in their frozen state, until there is an explosion with the equivalent of a ton of high explosives. As you scour the spot where there once was a ten foot reptile looking all the more like an over sized spiney rock there is now just a few feathers floating on the surface,

An American Alligator rests on the bank of a swamp.
Not a lot to see of an eight foot monster as you approach a pond.
or a couple of scales swirling in a whirlpool, or a  few drops of blood on a leafy bank.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Couple of Favorites

At the start of the new year as a photographer I always end up cleaning out hard drives and come across pictures that I like, forget about, or just look different after a little bit of time and distance. So here are just a few really random examples of things I saw this year.
My favorite model shot of the year.
The logistics of getting this shot make it stand out. 

Up close of a baseball during a high school game.

Karim Jamail, proud owner of a really cool Ferrari 468.
Birds surf too, like this seagull in Port Aransas.
Rizzo, one of the funniest bulldog pups I have had a chance to meet.

Sunsets and pump jacks just go with West Texas.

A bowl of really green pea soup.

Wildflowers in a different light.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Moby's View of the World

What is behind me can not be dangerous.
Kimo and Yoda enjoyed a day at the beach in Port Aransas, Texas. Luckily it was a quiet day for the Thanksgiving Holiday which gave them a good view of a quiet main drag. They did not realize that they were getting caught up in a Mody Dick like tail o being consumed by a great shark in the process of sitting still.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Modern View

Even after almost fifteen years, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth designed by architect Tadao Ando still thrills me to see. It really does give me new angles and different sites every time I walk around it. I hope my nephews discover the same details in 50 years.

Friday, October 21, 2016

High School Sports

   Football in Texas has become the measure of a community. Its standing amongst peers. The win/lose record becomes all too important to maintain that place for a high school. The younger athletes on the Junior Varsity get little of the pressure, but luckily it is more about learning the game and progressing in abilities and they grow in size and strength. Still fun to watch the kids play
Trying to stretch it out.
 and periodically perform amazing feats of strength and sheer will.

Breaking for a little room.
Under the lights of a Texas evening.

Lining up for another play.

Block, fly and pass all at once.

Sitting on the runner still stops them.

Piling on for a tackle

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Great Migration

  Shuffling around in  cactus garden at an assignment today and a bright orange flash of color flittered by me. Off in pursuit I went trying to catch a frame of the butterfly. It finally came to light on a bloom and spread it s wings allowing me to confirm that the Monarchs have begun to arrive on their great migration  south. Best of luck my fair traveller and may a tail wind help you along the way.
A Monarch butterfly takes a rest on its long migration south.