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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Red Flame in the Bush

Vibrant colors and contrasts.
   For most of the spring Patty and I have been seeing the bright red splash of color of a male Cardinal flitting around the kitchen window. Every now and then the less flamboyant female C
That is one pissed off Cardinal.

ardinal would make an appearance at the bird feeder by the kitchen window as well. We see the species every year, but this pair seemed to stay really close by. Mowing the lawn I found out why as the male raised a ruckus and kept throwing up his crown as I moved around. It turns out they built a nest along the north side of the house.
  I took a few pictures of him as he threw his tantrum but did not want to disturb the home. As I look at the images, I am just blown away by the vibrance of the color and beauty of such a simple species. No wonder our heart races whenever we see a flash of red shoot among the branches in the woods.

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