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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Moon

  I always love shooting pictures of the moon. It may be that you get to hang around outside at night, thinking of all the childhood stories about the moon. Made of cheese, man in the moon, cows jumping over it, rocket ships to it, in Texas they even lasso it. Great stories all, but eventually my mind always wanders to the concept that a few men have climbed into a device, lit the equivalent of a bunch of sticks of dynamite and flew to that object so far away. They did not get lost on the way there. Got into another device and fell to the surface. Climbed out and jumped around a bunch. Got back into the device with a bunch more dynamite, blasted off and mated with the original capsule. Again not missing the bobber in the entire universal ocean. Flew back down with a couple of loop de loops before landing and lived to tell about it. That fact that it was 14% closer last night definitely did not make that whole adventure any less impressive even if it
Supermoon caught between buildings.

is called a super moon.

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