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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Breitling Jets are Awesome

  With the air show season drawing to a close the Alliance Air Show is the second to last on the schedule for the first American Tour for the aerobatic flight jet team sponsored by the swiss watch manufacturer Breitling. Thanks to some quick phone calls and scheduling shuffles I got a chance to ride along for a short program as the team flew an orientation flight.
  Absolutely awe inspiring how close together the seven L-39 Albatross trainers fly. Then they start doing maneuvers over the airfield and I get flat out giddy. What an amazing group of pilots and I can not thank them enough for the opportunity.
  I guess advertising does work, because I now have a new favorite watch brand.
Pilot Christophe Deketelaere and mechanic Sayge Woodforth with the line of L-39 Albatross  jets.

Mid loop in the first slot position.

Looking at the smoke shadow of our loop.

THinking about reaching out and touching Breitling Jet 4.

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