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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hurricane Marie Fun

   I love to surf, there, I said it. Living in a landlocked spot I just do not get to do it very often so I have to improvise with my kiteboarding on a lake. Every once in a while I hear about a hurricane in the gulf and I head for the coast as fast as I can get there. I don't usually think about the Pacific as a hurricane destination. Oh how wrong I could be.
   Spending a little time in California, mostly to get out of the Texas Summer heat I just chanced into back to back hurricanes. I look out at lines of waves at every beach I pull up to. Never thought that hurricanes would create some rather impressive summer time south swells for the west coast. A week of great surf, some wind as well. I now know what they mean about pigs in slop. It will take a while to get my shoulders to stop aching, and my face from being cracked with a permanent grin. A picture of me taken by the accompanying trio of Patty Pressley, Yoda and Kimo the wonder dog.
Catching a ride at "C" Street in Ventura.

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