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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Honduran Swim at Cayos Cochino

    After a little time in a really hot, really humid jungle rainforest in Honduras, I spent the day with a group of travelers on a snorkeling trip to Cayos Cochinos Marine Sanctuary. A chain of keys, or small islands off the Honduran coast, with some no bigger than an average car and the largest easily fitting within the confines of a small West Texas ranch.
    The islands were covered in lush forest and palm trees on top, below the surface however the reefs were alive with an assortment of fish. At one section named appropriately the wall, water depths dropped from a comfortable 15 feet to what appeared infinite in a sheer cliff of colorful coral reefs. I followed a hawks billed turtle down as it passed red snapper and blue jacks before realizing the surface was some fifty feet above.
    With water clarity of more than 80 feet, I was constantly looking for a passing shark to no avail. Probably better not to have scared the rest of the group anyway, the snakes and spyders had done enough of that.
    With wonderful and friendly people, warm days beautiful wildlife and topography and lots of good food to boot I would try to persuade everyone to visit the Lodge at Pico Bonito and the entire north coast of Honduras.
A self portrait with the group at the surface.

A Hawks billed turtle cruises along "The Wall".

An assortment of fish swim around columns of reef.

Guide Joel Mejia holds a Conch.

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