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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Context

  Cut that, don't need that, seen that, who cares about that. Editing for me is the hardest part of any shoot. Everything has relevance when you snap the shutter open. In the long run does it ad or subtract to the story you are telling.  I understand after years of the cruel chop that it is not limited to the visuals but to tell a story in a concise fashion with words need the same judicious application of a knife and scissors.
   All of that can change with a different take on a story, so rather than talk about the wonderful day for recognition the dedication of the George W. Bush Library was, I thought I would look at the strange images that come from editing with a different purpose after the fact. Crazy looks, and out of place people make me laugh. Barbara Bush giving President Barack Obama a dirty look for laughing inappropriately. George W. Bush with forlorn look in response to a poignant remark about his presidency, but taken with a cropped frame it like complete befuddlement.
George W. Bush, what does that mean?

Sidewalk just for the press

Don't laugh at my son

Definitely not a shrub back there

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