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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day at the Deathstar

   I walked into Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones new stadium known around here as the Death Star on Monday to work for the first time. Shooting pictures of the Monday Night game against the Carolina Panthers. The place is huge, and after running around to shoot some pictures of fans before hand it becomes crystal clear how huge it really is. I was getting leg cramps from walking to the parking lot to shoot features. 
  The team however is something completely different. They pulled out a win, but I sure would not call it decisive. Lots of mistakes and the defense is what kept the offense in the game. Makes you wonder if the Cowboys are really just a sideshow now. At least Tony Romo was not the goat this week, with Tashard Choice having a big game and Felix Jones suffering an injury after a long carry. Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme was biting his tongue, hoping things would change, but they just didn't.  
  The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders carry on the tradition of showing off the house that Jerry built in their blue and silver gogo getups. 

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