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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Future Star

  I got an early call on Friday. The reporter that I was to meet for a photo shoot with an NFL draft prospect was stuck in Shreveport after his plane was rerouted on the flight to Dallas/Fort Worth. Seems the thunderstorms were too much for the plane as well as the roads around here. 
  This meant that I was on my own to try and get the images for USA Today.  A little minor shuffling of schedules and a lot of non-rain dances and I arrive at Carter High School in Dallas to meet with Allen Wilson, the schools football coach. Spent an hour talking football strategies with a couple of the most genuine coaches you could meet as we waited for our subject to show up. 
   We knew he was
there when all the kids in the hall started swooning. Amazing, and to think 2 years earlier he was one of the young faces in the hall. 
  Michael Crabtree enters the room, quiet and unassuming. With media and sports stars you never know what you are going to get, but he was really charming and still has the utmost praise for his former coaches, both high school and peewee. 
  Always delights you when players exceed their hype. Just makes me excited for what he can accomplish and wish him the best. 

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